Data Integration in 90 Days

Rapid Data and Infrastructure Integration Enables Aggressive Growth


After acquiring a Permian-based asset, the senior management team at a Houston-based Exploration & Production (E&P) company had a dilemma. They needed to integrate financial, SCADA control systems, and operational data across two merging organizations in a short timeline. They also needed to build IT operations to support current and future business needs.


With extensive expertise in strategic IT leadership and data integration, Socium provided the scalability to maximize the energy company’s network and became their single IT partner. This enabled the client to utilize their network more effectively, reduce operational expenses, and scale the network up or down in response to market demands. Socium assumed the IT Leadership role to provide ongoing guidance.


By leveraging Socium’s partnership, this E&P company completed integration and implemented infrastructure to fully capitalize on new assets. This enabled a rapid pace of growth while maintaining their competitive agility. In just 90 days, Socium delivered results and continues to provide IT leadership and management of the energy company’s entire IT environment.

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