Swift Cybersecurity Incident Response

Comprehensive Incident Response and Recovery Controls Business Impact


A Houston firm experienced a ransomware attack that compromised several key assets and caused extensive data loss. They needed to rapidly contain the incident and restore operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. The national health crisis complicated the challenge by creating multiple logistic, supply chain, and resource deployment issues.


Socium Solutions led the effort to identify the threat, contain the attack, conduct a forensic investigation of the event, and restore the organization to its full operational capabilities. During this time, Socium partnered with the firm’s leadership team to prioritize security and operations needs in our recovery plan. The focused and collaborative plan helped manage costs and deliver quick turnaround times to accelerate the restoration of secure operations.


Through our controlled, expert-led response, the company maintained continuity and experienced minimal downtime despite the complex incident. Our approach effectively managed costs while maintaining operations throughout the event. Socium built new security policies and procedures, providing the firm with training and tools to ensure greater protection and faster recovery. This solution not only helped them recover from the past but equipped them for the future.

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